Our Story

Golden Castle Hardware Trading LLC, which started off as a small business in the hardware market back in 2008, has now come a long way paving a path towards growth and prosperity. We are the Pioneers and Premiere in the field of Architectural and Furniture Hardware with an unparalleled stature across UAE and other Gulf Countries.

We strongly believe in providing top notch quality products to our customers. Therefore in order to ensure what we believe in, we put in all our efforts without any compromise so as to make sure we deliver what we have promised. 

From the very start, we were keen to introduce modern and exquisite designs to our customers which would add quality and aesthetics to their Living & Work Spaces. Thus, we have been part of people’s homes and businesses due to the importance we give to every minute details.

For this, we have been providing our valuable customers with products of some of the leading global brands like Doganlar (Turkey), Dorus (Made in Turkey), Welka (Made in Italy), Sisley (Made in China) and Tentori (Made in China). Our dedicated team helps our customers choose from a wide range of standard products and offers suggestions to suit their requirements. We aim to be the first choice for our customers by offering the best service via our products in the region.

In a dynamic and ever-changing world, Golden Castle is determined to parade further into the international market. We sincerely promise to guarantee a high quality of service and to continually provide reliable and excellent products to our customers all over the world.

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