Door Handles Supplier

We are a prominent Ironmongery Wholesale Door Handles Supplier in Dubai UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Africa & Sri Lanka.

We started our journey from a humble beginning as Door and Lever Handles Supplier in Dubai and completed a prestigious 30 years of service last year. With innovations in both product manufacture and customer service, we have gained the trust of our customers and have served them with a smile.

Our Doganlar and Sisley door handles are suitable for any residential environment in UAE, Qatar, Srilanka, Africa, and Oman, which are very easier to install, include a smooth finishing, and are manufactured from high-quality materials with stainless steel body plates.

With a promise of ultimate security and zero tension in your life, Golden Castle Hardware presents you with the best door locks in Dubai. As we have stated earlier that we are one of the leading Wholesale Door Locks Suppliers in UAE, you can choose from a huge variety of modern-day door locks that come with keys.
You can choose your door locks from a range of items that are made from zinc, brass, aluminum, and iron and choose them according to your needs and budget. Our locks are made in different sizes so that they can fit in doors of any size.

Golden Castle Hardware is the ultimate solution for all kinds of door knobs and locks.

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